Beginner’s Guide to Tango (2008)

Beginner's Guide to Tango [Cover Art | Arte de tapa]

Beginner’s Guide To Tango is a 3 CD Box Set compilation released in UK in March 2008.

The compilation features prominent tango artists of all time such as Carlos Gardel, “El Polaco” Goyeneche, Aníbal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla, among others. For this edition were selected three interpretations of Antonio Colucci, among which stands out “Noche Porteña” of their own authorship. Also were included Libertango and Zita from Colucci e-tango.

You can buy this album at the Amazon UK store. Now is also available at Amazon US store.

Editorial Review from Amazon US:
The Beginner’s Guide To Tango 2008 edition boasts three CD selection with 45 tracks! Tango is high-kicking again with laid-back experiments in Lounge Electronica, while experiment-hungry orchestras and Latino Rock stars are revamping the Salon sound and the sardonic poetry of Tango Cancion. The Tango story is, like Buenos Aires, deep, dark and labyrinthine, and across the decades innovators like crooner Carlos Gardel, pianist Osvaldo Pugliese and bandoneon supremo Anibal Troilo have added edgy, exploratory masterpieces to the genre. Music journalist Chris Moss with input from Shisha Sound System’s DJ UMB and Tango teacher/dancer Bianca prepared a rich session of classic slow-swinging Tangos, early Milonga Bops, Avant Garde “evolutionary” Tango arrangements, Piazzolla masterpieces and contemporary cuts.