Antonio's music career at a glance

Antonio Colucci was born in Pigüé (province of Buenos Aires, Argentina). As a child he starts playing the family’s piano and also the accordion. Then, he studied composition at the Fine Arts School, at La Plata’s National University. At the same time he also takes further studies in composition, harmony and morphology with Manolo Juarez.

In 2006 he turns completely into the pursuit of new sounds for tango and begins the recording of his album “Colucci e-tango”, which is released by the label Loshe Entertainment.

In 2007 he made ​​an extensive tour to promote the album in Mexico, giving shows in DF City, Aguas Calientes and Puebla, while still continues performing tango in Argentina. His song “Obelisco” is selected as the soundtrack for the video of the lighting of La Boca’s bridge, an urban intervention called “Lights on the Bridge”. “Calle Corrientes” and “Noche Porteña” are played every night in “Telenoche” news report, on TV channels 13 and TN.

In 2008 is released in UK the album “Beginner’s Guide To Tango”, a compilation of Argentine Tango featuring 3 songs from his first album: “Noche Porteña” of his own, along with Colucci’s interpretations of “Libertango” and “Zita”.

In 2012 Colucci released his second album “Derrapando” where he discovers his passion for mixing tango musicality with other genres, punctuating their sounds with tunes from the classical school that had been always part of his personal mark.

In early 2018 Colucci released his last album “Levitation”, which follows similar aesthetic foundations of his previous release.

In early 2020 he recorded three singles with a string orchestra: “Púrpura (Purple), “Juego de niños (Child’s play )” and “Sensual”, going back to roots of classical piano sounds, in his constant pursuit of new sounds and melodies to connect his music with listeners from all over the world.